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Salesforce today does not provide out of the box expense tracking application. Trip Influence application complements Salesforce by becoming the missing piece in cost or expense tracking. In Enterprises of today’s world, Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity (Sales), Service, and Support information are typically managed in the CRM systems and Expenses are tracked in the ERP systems. Thus when expenses are incurred, CRM knows the purpose whereas ERP knows the cost. To get a complete picture of the cost spent for a purpose (e.g. how much sales team is spending on an opportunity) is always challenging as expenses in ERP are associated with the cost centers and ERP has no knowledge of purpose which lies with CRM.

The Trip Influence application provides a solution to this problem by publishing expenses information in CRM where by business is provided with a complete 360- degree view of revenue and expenses in CRM. Along with expenses data in CRM, data is fed into ERP to ensure ERP has all the data it needs for resource planning. It helps companies in generating reports that help analyze important statistics such as cost/expenditure vs. revenue, analyzing if the expenditure for a purpose or client is justified, what is the scope for cost reduction etc. Check it out

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