About Record Logger

As Brian Kernighan quoted, "The most effective debugging tool is still careful thought, coupled with judiciously placed log statements". Isolating the source of problem is nail biting moment for developers than determining a way to work around it.

Salesforce standard debug logs provide extensive log details on a transaction. While processing multiple records in a transaction or a record across multiple transaction in a tedious business logic, analyzing the flow happened is always challenging. Record logger helps the developer to add log statements to the logic written using apex on Salesforce. The logs are stored in a Salesforce object. A log record holds multiple log messages. It is displayed with the date and time when the salesforce record (eg: Account, Contact or Case etc) has gone through the flow and each log message separately on the user interface. Log records are available in the system for configurable retention hours. Thus, it avoids hitting storage limitation on Salesforce because of log records. Every user of the system can make use of Record Logger.  It is handy for admin and business users to view the functional logic path in a click of a button. Check it out

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